Behavioural Profiling

Our powerful DISC behavioural profiling service helps you gain valuable insights for your business, professional, and personal aspirations. Our analysis and debriefing sessions, led by a certified Extended DISC practitioner, empower our clients to gain deeper insights into themselves and their teams. This results in improved communication, performance, collaboration, and ultimately, greater success in their endeavours. Together, we can transform your HR challenges into opportunities for growth. Businesses and individuals like yourself use DISC behavioural profiling for a number of reasons, including:

Growing as a leader

By discovering your natural style, you can identify your strengths and areas for development, resulting in more effective and inspiring management for your team.

Strengthening communication and collaboration

Knowing your team members’ communication preferences and behavioural tendencies helps foster effective interactions and a positive, harmonious work environment – making your workday more enjoyable!

Resolving conflicts constructively

Understanding each party’s behavioural style helps address conflicts more productively, leading to effective solutions that strengthen your team dynamics.

Embracing self-awareness and personal development

Identifying your own behavioural patterns promotes growth on both personal and professional levels, helping you reach your full potential and achieve your goals.

Improving hiring and recruitment

With a better understanding of potential candidates’ natural behavioural styles, employers can make informed decisions, reducing turnover rates and increasing employee satisfaction and productivity.

Boosting sales and customer service

Recognising individual sales styles allows for tailored strategies to build stronger relationships with customers and drive success in sales and customer service interactions.

The Extended DISC service includes the following features: 

Online questionnaire: A straightforward and user-friendly questionnaire that takes only 10 minutes to complete from any device with an internet connection. With over 60 available languages and job role or industry customisation options, it’s easy and convenient to get started.

Detailed profile report: A comprehensive, personalised report outlining your behavioural style, strengths, development areas, motivators, communication preferences, and more. This report can be tailored to suit your specific needs, such as recruitment and retention, sales and service competence, conflict resolution, development planning, leadership development, team development, or open 360 feedback.

Debriefing session: A one-on-one or group session with a certified Extended DISC practitioner who will guide you through interpreting and applying the results of your profile report. These insightful discussions will enhance your understanding of your behaviour and how to improve your performance and relationships.

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