HR Policies – Do I Need Them?


Are you rolling the dice when it comes to HR policies and procedures? There is no law that says you must have formal, documented policies but there are a lot of advantages to having them in place.

????Formal policies explain to all your staff what the expected standards of behaviour, conduct, and performance are in your business. They are not just for the employees, but for Managers as well.

????Formal policies act as your compass when dealing with situations that are not an everyday occurrence. They provide consistency and guidance to employees and managers alike about how grievances, underperformance, and misconduct will be dealt with.

????They clearly articulate how your business goes about meeting its legal obligations for example, WHS obligations.

Formal policies do not need to be onerous! Rather they should be clear, transparent, concise, user friendly, and easy to locate.

If you’ve been considering implementing a set of formal policies then let’s have a chat about how I can help. You can get in touch via the contact form or by email



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